The Wildfire Report

Lampasas firemen had a bit of a break yesterday as no new wildfires broke out in the county. Wednesday’s Underwood/Eddy Ranches Fire was mopped up and the fire line patrolled on Thursday with no problems. It had taken in 262 acres but fast action by all Lampasas Co. fire departments and volunteers, along with County Commissioner units and some help from other volunteer efforts put it out before they went home Wednesday evening.

The new fire on Thursday in Central Texas was back at the Mills/Brown County line. It was just a few miles south of the big CR 259 Fire that took in 1,658 acres but is now out. This new fire is called the Sledge Fire and is right on the county line and several miles west of Hwy 183, and several miles south of Zephyr. It took in some 179 acres before being 90% contained. That report was at about 7pm last evening.

The other, still active, area fire is the 8,500 acre combination of Fort Hood Range Fires. The Fort Hood Directorate of Emergency Services fire personnel estimate they have achieved more than 80 percent containment of the Fort Hood range fires as of Thursday afternoon.

The use of prescribed burns as a preventative measure to deny fuel to the fires, as well as a favorable wind direction, and the efforts by fire and military personnel have helped stop the  range fires from spreading, according to Sergio Campos, Fort Hood’s fire chief. 

Operations Thursday included air-water drops on hot spots and bull dozer support to cut and widen fire breaks in an effort to further contain the fire. They’ve had 8 helicopters and six military dozers and lots of personnel fighting the

fires, and they repeat that the “…the fire poses no immediate risk of leaving the installation boundary, nor does it pose an immediate threat to life or property.”

The Burnet County CR 108 Fire is finally called 100% contained at 737 acres, as is the Harmon Road Fire that took in 2,887 acres. 


fire 07271.png
07272 fire.png