The Wildfire Report

Burnet County CR 108 Fire was reported, as of 4:45pm Monday, to cover 737 acres and was 60% contained. It is in the area southwest of Lampasas, about mid-way between Lampasas and Burnet, but well west of Hwy 281, and along the South Fork of Morgan Creek.

Mills County FM2005 Fire was reported as of 3:45pm Monday to cover about 700 acres and was 10% contained. This morning they report that it was about 1500 acres total and is now 100% contained. Fire depts. from Hamilton, Goldthwaite, Star, Priddy, Pottsville and Shive were on hand at the fire and Forest Service air drops were being made.                                              Coryell Co. CR 344 Fire near  Flat kept Coryell Co. Firefighters  busy Monday. That fire was contained. 

Brown Co. Fire 259,  near Zephyr, brought evacuations. The fire (pix below) was last reported to cover 1,200 acres and was 25% contained as of Monday evening about 9:20pm. The big news there was that a dynamite and ammonium nitrate storage facility was in the area. The Forest Service said last night it was actually not being threatened by the fire.

Adamsville CR581/ Hwy 281 fire that broke out Monday covered 19.5 acres and was 95% contained as of 7pm Monday evening. As of this morning we understand it is completely out.

The Harman Road Fire that has been going since last Thursday, 7/19/18 was originally reported to cover 5,005 acres but that estimate has now been updated with new calculations and is said to have only covered 2,887acres. It is now reported as 50% contained but some reports in the area say it is now down to just clean up and smoldering trees and debris.

A Fort Hood training range fire was reported yesterday afternoon to be under control after burning about 700 acres in a couple of hours. It seems to have started about 2pm Monday and sent Ft. Hood firemen and local area firemen, along with one helicopter, to fight the fire. Several fires have plagued the Fort Hood Reservation over the last few days and wind shift yesterday have brought the smell of smoke and some ash drops to the communities south of the Reservation.                                                                                                

picture courtesy of Becky Harris/Facebook

picture courtesy of Becky Harris/Facebook

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