Scary story

It’s bad enough to think about the “other driver” being careless, or drunk, or speeding. All reasons to “drive defensively” when we get out on that highway, but do you ever think about the driver of the vehicle coming toward you could suddenly have a seizure or a heart attack?

DPS Trooper Robbie Barrera passed this story on,  “On May 16, 2018 at approximately 1340 HRS a fire truck owned by Lake Travis Fire and Rescue was traveling south on RM 620, north of Comanche Trail when the driver suffered a medical emergency and lost consciousness.  The fire truck drove into the north bound lanes and struck five other vehicles before rolling onto its right side.  The fire truck came to rest on its right side, facing south, in the northbound bar ditch.  One driver was taken life flight to Dell Seton Downtown with serious injuries.  The driver of the fire truck is in serious condition due to his medical condition.  Five other people were transported with non-life threatening injuries. Two other vehicles were struck debris that flew from the fire truck.”    We note too that there were four firefighters that were in the runaway fire truck. Three of them were just beat up a bit, one in stable condition at a local hospital.

One more big reason to drive defensively.