The Weather

Yesterday’s high 46°              This morning’s low 38°

Rain at the airport Friday was 1.61 in.

Today:  Just a 30% chance of rain today, mainly after noon. Otherwise it will be cloudy and colder, topping out at 43° this afternoon. N-NW wind will be 15 mph and gusting to 20 mph.

Tonight: Mostly cloudy, with a low around 33° and N-NW wind 10-15 mph with gusts to 20.

Sunday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 49° and N-NW wind 5-10 mph.

Overnight it will be clear and colder. The low should drop down to the freezing mark, probably about 30°, but the NW wind should be light at about 5 mph.

Monday will be sunny but cooler, topping out about 56°, with the NW wind shifting to easterly, signaling that the cold front is finishing with us.

Tuesday should bring partly sunny with a high about 61°. The wind will have come around to southerly and it will get brisk in the afternoon at 10-15 mph and gusting to 20.          By Wednesday, the clouds will take over and the high will get up to 66°, holding in the earth’s warmth like a blanket. There could be a slight chance of a shower overnight. Thursday will be the best day of the week, warming up nearly 70°.