Smoke at Oil States

There was a concern by passers-by about smoke coming from Oil States Industries plant on Hwy 190E this morning and fire trucks arriving there.

 Fire Chief Reece Oestreich told us that a spark from a grinding machine had ignited dust, and that had, in turn, started a fire in a dust collector machine. The fire was contained to the dust collector and did minimal damage to the machine. The Chief noted that dust is often a problem in creating fire and explosions.

It seems odd but, even non-combustible materials, when in tiny particles as dust, become combustible. When a spark comes into contact with dust, it can cause a small fire or explosion, which in turn can ignite other dust in the area. It is often a problem in industrial environments.

But, this morning’s situation was well-controlled at the local manufacturing plant.

A side note… Oil States is joining with Rollins Brook Hospital this week for Carter BloodCare Drives. Donors can give blood from 6a to 10a at the Carter Blood Care bus in Oil State’s parking lot on Tuesday, Dec. 11th.

The next day, Wednesday, the bus will be at Rollins Brook hospital from 10am to 2pm for donors’ convenience.