The Weather

The High yesterday 69°              The Low this morning 60°

Today: There is an 80% chance of rain in our forecast, but it may only be drizzle. The actual forecast calls for drizzle in the morning and rain in the afternoon. The high should be well up into the 60s, possibly 67º. The wind will be brisk at times, 15-20 mph, and coming out of the SE.  

Tonight: The rain chances continue at 80% up to midnight, then go away by early morning. The low should be around 48º with the wind shifting around to S-SE and then westerly after midnight. That wind could gust up to 25 mph. 

Thursday: Sunny, with a high around 65° and the wind should be out of the west and light at 5-15 mph.

Overnight, it will be clear and cooler, dropping into the upper 30s with the wind shifting around to N-NE after midnight and coming in gently at abouot 5 mph after midnight.

The rest of the week: On Friday, it will be sunny  and cool, getting up to only 54°, with the NE wind light at 5-10 mph. Overnight a cold spell will come in, dropping the temperature to around 35º.

Saturday will be cold and a 30% chance of cold rain. It will only get up to about 42º for the day, with the north wind 10 mph. Overnight it will drop to a possible light freeze at around 31º.

Next Week: Sunday will be cold again, only up to 45º, and with the north wind blowing 5-10 mph and a 20% chance of light rain. Over night it will possibly drizzle the cold precipitation on us.

More of the cold on Monday, a 20% chance of drizzle and up to a little warmer 52º. New Year’s Eve could be dry, but still a bit cloudy, and it will get down to 33º overnight.

Tuesday, expect the sky to clear of clouds but it will only get up to a cool 49º in the afternoon.