Former Lampasas Resident Slain in Temple Shooting

Last Thursday morning, Dec 20th, at 6:09am, Temple Police responded to a reported shooting in the 100 block of Virginia Ave.

On arrival they found two victims lying in the front yard of the residence - one of them a female and one a male child. The female was deceased and the child critically injured but alive. As officers were attending the child, gunshots came from inside the house. Officers moved to safety and summoned an armored vehicle and SWAT team and surrounded the house. At some point no more shots were fired and they heard nothing else from inside the house. Eventually the officers entered the house and found a deceased woman with gunshot wounds and a man with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Both were deceased.

What we know now is that the apparent shooter was 36 yr old Matthew Splittgerber, the estranged husband of the deceased woman in the yard, 36 yr old Shelly Elizabeth Gray Fidler, a Temple ISD teacher, and the child was her son, 4 year old Corden Fidler.

Corden has been in intensive care at McLane Children’s Hospital in Temple where he was said to need multiple surgeries. The deceased woman in the house was Shelly’s mother, 64 yr old Sherry Gray, a retired teacher from the Cove ISD.

Shelly Gray Fidler graduated from Lampasas High in 2001. Her obituary is included in this publication.