Ain't Life Wonderful.......

Ronnie Witcher

Christmas always brings memories of Christmas past for me, and of people and places past. One we’ll never forget is Annie B. Bird, a dear lady who captured my heart many years ago when she worked at Rollins Brook Hospital as what I think was a “nurse’s assistant” sort of job. She was particularly attentive and pretty outspoken in a friendly down to earth way. Over the years I thought of her as not only a sweet lady, but pretty much a “character” in her way with words. Anyway, every year at Christmastime we could expect a gift from Annie B. The gift would be some handmade trinket, never elaborate or artistic or even very well-done…but the gifts were consistent. Even as she grew older and we didn’t see her as much, we would still see the little gifts, along with a simple handmade card or letter, at Christmastime.

It was truly one of those things that, simple as it was, meant an awful lot to us. Truly not the value of the gift, but the thought that mattered. I tear up thinking about her even now, sweet Annie B.

Annie B. has long since passed from the scene, but for as long as I live, she’ll always be in my heart at Christmas.

I hope for you, as I sit at my desk at the El Rancho Notso, a Christmas filled with love, and friends like Annie B.

We’re rootin’ for ya – Merry Christmas      rw