The Weather

High yesterday was 61°  The low this morning was 37°

Wind gusts peaked at 38 mph at the airport Thursday about 2:15pm, though 31 mph was indicated as top gust by the NWS. Precipitation was .01 in.

This morning’s wind gusts at the airport peaked at 31 mph with typical wind blowing at 12-20 mph . Precipitation by 6am was .01 in. Our neighbors to the west, in San Saba and Llano saw much cooler, wetter, windier weather this morning.

Today: Strong wind is a certainty, calming a little after noon. Light rain or minor snow flurries are a possibility until mid-day. Clouds are sure, and the high will get up to about 47° behind that typical 20 mph wind.

Tonight: The NW wind will reduce considerably but still coming in at 10-20 mph. The temperature drops to 35° as clouds clear, allowing the earth’s heat to escape.

Saturday: The sun comes up in the morning with a minimum of clouds around. The NW wind will have dropped to 5-10 mph and the high should be at least 59°.

Saturday overnight, mostly clear and a low dropping below the freezing point at about 31°. The wind will calm.

Rest of the weekend:  Sunday will warm up even more, getting up to about 64°. Overnight, down to 39°.

Monday will continue at least partly sunny and into the low to mid 60s in the afternoon, and Tuesday will be even more sunny. But, Tuesday night could take us back to more rain chances for a few days.