The Weather

The High yesterday 60°              The Low this morning 45°

The South wind is gentle as this morning began.

Today: Clouds will keep it warm today with a high up to 64° and S-SW wind at 5-15 mph.

Tonight: It will be cloudy and warm with a low of about 50°. There is a 30% chance of a shower overnight and the south wind will remain light at 5-10 mph.

Thursday: Rain chances are 40%, with the best chances in the afternoon. The south wind shifts to SW at 10-20 mph with the temperature reaching  53°. Then the cold front hits with the SW wind shifting to NW at 25-30 mph and gusting to 45 mph.                This could be a dangerous wind!! The temperature will drop into the 40s by late afternoon.

Overnight, the rain, or even snow, chances arrive with a 40% chance. The NW wind will continuously blow 25-30 mph and gust to 45 mph.

The rest of the week: On Friday, it will be more of the same in the morning, dangerously strong NW wind in the morning, but that could thankfully let up a little in the afternoon and evening. Friday night it could get down to about 35°.

Saturday will bring the beginning of the end of the cold front with the wind shifting to W-NW and the high getting up to near 60°. Sunday will be a pretty nice day, into the 60s.