The Weather

The High yesterday 76°            The Low this morning 54° 

Fog and mist again this morning but no rain as of daylight.

Today: Showers are likely, a 60% chance in the afternoon, otherwise cloudy with a high near 58°. The NE wind will be around 5-10 mph.

Tonight: Showers are likely overnight with a low around 43° and north wind 5-15 mph with gusts to 25. The rain chances are 80%.

Friday: A 30% chance of rain before noon and mostly cloudy sky with a high near 52° and N-NE wind 15-20 mph with gusts to 25.

Overnight, cloudy and down to 39° with N-NE wind 5-10 mph.

The Weekend: Saturday should be cloudy with a high near 50° and calmish NE wind becoming E-SE. It will be down to 42° overnight

Sunday should be cloudy with a high of 58° and SE wind 5-10 mph. Overnight Sunday there is a 30% chance of rain with a low of around 43°. Monday brings a 40% chance of rain and north wind that could blow up to 35 mph.

Did you get enough wood in? It’s time to start thinking about covering faucets and putting away the hoses and sprinklers. You might want to leave the lawn mower out for while.

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