The Elections are over. Now……Thanksgiving?

With the end of  the midterm election cycle, the focus of many  will be shifting. With Thanksgiving two weeks from tomorrow, (where reportedly around  58%  of us aren’t looking forward to talking  politics), we thought we would share this and  some other facts from the WalletHub “2018 Thanksgiving Fact Report” .

Thanksgiving was declared a  National Holiday on October 3, 1863 by Abraham Lincoln.

The average person spends $335 over the 5 days of  Thanksgiving Weekend  However 19.62 Billion was spent online shopping over those same 5 days in 2017. We also spend over 640 million on Thanksgiving turkeys each year. Which brings us to the curious fact that 25% surveyed say they may pass on the turkey altogether.


For those that do cook turkey, there is the Butterball Hotline at 1-800 BUTTERBALL, which receives over 100,000 calls in November and December every year.

The average calories consumed  at Thanksgiving are at 4500 per person, requiring an average male to run for 10 hrs 41 minutes on a treadmill to work them off. Some of those may be consumed at restaurants, as 9% show they will dine out this Thanksgiving. If  you dine out, do you still get leftovers? 73% of the people surveyed think that a fridge full of  Thanksgiving leftovers is the best thing about having Thanksgiving at their house.

Statistics show 50.9 million will travel this Thanksgiving, with a little over 89% driving and  8% flying.

The annual Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade will bring 3.5 million spectators to the streets. Participants in the parade will number 10,000, including 1500 dancers & cheerleaders, 1000 clowns, 30 floats, 12 marching bands and 3000 NYPD officers.

The report states that 43 million of us will be watching  at home, and when everyone is done watching the parade, there will be football, with the Dallas Cowboys taking on the Washington Redskins.


One last surprising statistic; $19  million of property loss is caused by residential fires every Thanksgiving.

Be careful and enjoy your Thanksgiving!