County Commissioners Meet

The Lampasas County Commission met on Monday morning in a rather brief session.  The only funding action was the approval of an $800 Annual Service Agreement with the County Information Resources Agency (CIRA) for website hosting for the County site and email hosting for 55 users.

In the Public Comments and announcements part of the session, the Court was addressed by William Maddox who spoke for residents of the Chica Ranch subdivision, seeking a possible course of action concerning one of the residences, where there is an apparent auto shop in operation in the front yard, with “junk cars” in view.  Mr. Maddox described Chica Ranch as a community of $250,000 to $500,000 homes with no home owner’s association and obscure deed restrictions.  The Court could take no action, but Sheriff Jesse Ramos did offer to meet with Mr. Maddox to look at courses of action that may be available.

Other considerations and actions of the Court included:

Extension of the Burn Ban for another 90 days with no exceptions, meaning there will be no individual exceptions to the ban, unless the ban is lifted for everyone.  The ban will commence at 10 am on November 27th, and can be temporarily lifted at any time by the County Judge;

Approved the appointment of County Judge-elect, Randy Hoyer to the Hill Country Transit District Board.  Hill Country Transit provides the HOP bus services;

and approved the Accounts Payable report from County Auditor Chris Munn.