Commissioners Meet

The Lampasas County Commissioners Court met on Tuesday morning and briskly worked their way through the agenda.

The first action for the Court was the unanimous approval of membership of Boyce Cabaniss to the Lampasas County Historical Commission.  In a related matter, following the adjournment of the Court, members of the Historical Commission paid tribute to retiring County Judge Wayne Boultinghouse, thanking him for his years of service on the bench and for his support of the Historical Commission.

Next up for the Court was a request from Sheriff Jesse Ramos for an amendment to the 2018/19 budget to allow for $25,000 from the General Fund rather that taking from other line items to pay for repairs to the current county jail.  Recent rains have exposed a roof leak all along the front of the building, and there is also a waterline break causing additional damage.  An estimate for just the roof repair is around $10,000.  County Auditor, Chris Munn, noted that it is still early in the budget year, and that there is still $41,000 in the line item for repairs to the jail.  After further discussion, it was agreed to take no action now, and the Court gave its assurance that if and whenever needed funds from other line items could be made available to keep the building in good repair.

County Auditor Chris Munn made an amendment request for the 2017/18 budget, to change the numbers for several line items, without changing the total amount.  This would more accurately reflect expenditures for increased costs for Roads and Bridges ($16,000) and for Court Appointed Attorneys for Indigent Defense ($52,000).

In other actions the Court approved Utility Installation Permits to bore under County Road 3340 to install a 2” waterline for Timbercreek II Subdivision and under County Road 3070 to install a 1” waterline for Sweet Homes Subdivision.