Celebrating Deer Season

With Deer Season opening on Saturday, it’s already a common site to spot pickups and trailers on Key Avenue with ATVs and Deer Feeders and Deer Stands riding in the back.

We’ll see lots more of that on Friday, the day before the opening. One of the main spots you see all those guys in camouflage picking up supplies is at the local HEB grocery where they stock up on everything guys need for deer camp. You can guess at a lot of that…lots of canned beans, seasonings, bacon and eggs, chips and salsa, some sweet stuff…and beer, plenty of beer.

The Chamber of Commerce will be at HEB on Friday, manning tents in the west end of the HEB parking lot, to welcome the hunters to town. They’re cooking BBQ and providing sack lunches for the hunters (for a small fee), and there will be an abundance of locals who line up for the lunchtime treat.

Many local businesses take advantage of the opportunity to have the same sack lunches delivered to their stores and offices by some of the volunteers. That event should be starting up about 10 or 11am when the BBQ comes off the pit.

Lampasas Radio will be there with a live broadcast as we visit with hunters and local business people.