The Weather

The High yesterday 78°              The Low this morning 70°    

Today: An 80% chance of rain with 1 to 2 inches possible for Lampasas. The high should reach around 82° this afternoon with some SE wind of 10-15 mph, possibly higher in thunderstorms.

Tonight: A 40% chance of possibly severe thunderstorms before midnight, then cloudy with a low dropping down to 58° as SW wind turns to N-NW after midnight.

Wednesday: Sunshine comes back, though it will be generally cooler. The high should be about 77° with N-NW wind 5-10 mph.

Overnight, the temperature should drop to 55° but the NE breeze should turn calm.

The rest of the week: On Thursday we see sunshine and a 75° high with a little E-NE wind.

On Friday the rain chances come back, though it is only 20%.

The Saturday forecast is for 20% chance of rain of some kind with a high about 79°. The biggest problem with the Saturday weather is a forecast of 10-15 mph wind that could increase in the afternoon to 15-20 with 30 mph gusts.  

Saturday night we have a 40% chance of rain and down to 61°. Sunday it’s a 30% chance with a high around 72°.

Monday we start the week with sunshine and a fall chill in the air.