Ain’t Life Wonderful! Ronnie Witcher


More Rain Coming?

As you see in our forecast, there’s an 80% chance today. There are a number of rain systems moving NE this morning and it seems imminent that some of it is going to hit Lampasas. The possibility seems pretty good that some of it could be heavy rainfall. Had enough yet?

The KR Bluestem grass along our lane to the hacienda at the El Rancho Notso is so tall…

How bad is it Witcher? It’s bad enough that when I went out with the tractor and shredder over the weekend I saw deer running out of it ahead of the tractor. A jack rabbit was jumping up, trying to see where he was going. I think I heard a covey of quail trying to flush but they couldn’t get high enough to top the grass.


With any more rain to help this stuff I think it’s gonna be too much for a shredder and I’m gonna be lookin’ for a team of Central American jungle guys with machetes to help us get to the house. Besides the tall grass, I think we’re raising a super breed of mosquitoes.  One thing about it, they used to be so small you’d just look for the whine and it was hard to spot ‘em. Now I keep mistaking ‘em for dragonflies.  

Well, maybe I stretch it a little bit, but it’s pretty bad.  Here’s hopin’ you enjoy whatever rain you get today and that you can find the weedslinger and the lawn mower starts for ya’ when it’s over. We’re rootin’ for ya!      rw