The Weather

Yesterday’s high 88°        This morning’s low 70°        

Today: A 30% chance of rain this afternoon, otherwise mostly cloudy with a high near 87° and south wind 5-15 mph.

Tonight: A 30% rain chance before 1am, then just mostly cloudy with a 71° low and S-SE wind 10 mph.

Sunday: A 40% chance of rain, mainly afternoon, mostly cloudy with a high near 84° and S-SE wind 10-15 mph.

Overnight rain chances lessen and temps drop to 72° with S-SE wind about 10 mph.

Next Week: On Monday, a 50% chance of rain, cloudy and a high near 80°. The rain chances go up to 80% on Tuesday with the high temperature down to 78°. Rain chances still with us overnight but should be gone by Wednesday as the wind shifts to westerly and much lighter. Thursday should be a nice day.

There is now a small chance of rain in the long range Friday forecast.