Another School Bus Crash

Good Grief, a rash of school bus crashes!

Another Burnet school bus crashed on Thursday morning, this time with an 18-wheeler.  It happened on Highway 183, when the bus was turning left onto CR 211 between Andice and Briggs and collided with the truck, crashing into the front of the bus. No children were on board, but the driver of the bus and a bus monitor were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

This comes on the heels of another Burnet bus crash on Highway 29 on Monday, Oct. 1st.  The bus on that day was hit from behind while trying to make a left turn onto Burnet Hills Drive. A Ford F-250 pickup truck crashed into the back of the bus, causing it to roll over onto its side. There were three students and a bus monitor on board, along with the driver. The students and bus monitor suffered minor injuries. Neither of the drivers were injured.

In 2017 a man was killed when he rear ended a Burnet school bus and in 2012 two teenage siblings rear ended a Burnet school bus on Hwy 29.

This is top of mind for us because of the Oklahoma school bus rolling over on Hwy 281 last Saturday with 27 aboard. Luckily, the serious injury count was down to a few. All but 3 of the students and one adult were headed back home by Monday morning.

We so often hear of people dangerously passing stopped school buses, and so many crashes lately seem to come from drivers rear-ending school buses that have to stop and make so many turns. It happened in Lampasas Co. along Hwy 190E in August.

Please, please, pay attention when you spot the big yellow buses on the road you’re traveling on!