The Weather

The High yesterday 81°              The Low this morning 69°

Today: Showers and thunderstorms highly likely today. A 90% chance of rain up to 4pm, then with a high temperature of 73° reached in the morning, the temperatures should drop to around 66° in the afternoon. The south wind 5-10 mph will shift to NW in the afternoon.

Tonight: Rain chances of 60% this evening and waning into the early morning. The wind will become northerly at about 15 mph and gusting to 20 and the temperature will drop to about 47º.

Thursday: Mostly sunny with a high near 62° and N-NW wind 10-15 mph and gusting to 20.

Mostly clear but chilly with the temp dropping to 45° behind the N-NW wind at 5 mph.

The rest of the week: On Friday it will sunny and nice with a high of 70° as the wind shifts to W-NW at 5-10.

Saturday, the first day of deer season, will be a bit warmer than most hunters would like. It should start at 49° and warm to 73° in the afternoon with a south wind of 5-10 in the morning getting a bit blustier in the afternoon at 10-15 mph and gusting to 20.

Sunday begins with a slight chance of rain but turns sunny with a high near 69° and south wind 5 mph.