Early Voting Continues

Extended Hours Today 7am to 7pm

Early Voting tabulations at the Election Office at close of business on Monday show the lowest numbers yet. Just 269 people showed up to cast in-person ballots, and 9 ballots were received by mail.

That brings the total votes cast for the Mid-Term Election to 3814 so far, and there are still 4 more Early Voting days, through Friday afternoon at 5pm.

Early Voting takes place at the Lampasas Elections Office in the County Annex on Pecan Street, downtown Lampasas. The Regular Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 6th.

*Note: There have been claims of, and verified cases of, problems with some of the voting machines in Texas. 

The voting machines in question are the Hart eSlate machines and it so happens that these are the machines in use in Lampasas Co.

The complaints are reportedly taking place when voters cast their straight party vote on the machine and find that afterward, some of the selections on the screen show that candidates from the other party have been selected, particularly at the top of the list where the U.S. Senate race is located.

The company says that their machines are not at fault, but that the voters are not using them properly. When we talked to Lampasas Elections Officer Mark Bishop this morning, he said the same thing, that people weren’t using the machines properly, and forwarded information they had received from the Secretary of State’s Office.

It appears the problem with the machines happens when the user doesn’t give it enough time, after making their selections, to fully develop their voting result, and touch one of the functions. Here are the instructions from the SOS Office:

  ·  When voting a straight-party ballot, wait at least 3-5 seconds for all choices to be rendered on the eSlate voting machines. Counties in which voters have longer ballots may require additional time to allow the screens to load fully.

·  Once all the candidate choices for that particular party have been fully loaded, take your time to slowly review each choice in each race before advancing to the next screen.

·  When advancing to the next screen, be sure the screen is fully loaded before scrolling through to the subsequent pages.

·  Once you have reached the summary page, carefully review each choice listed to ensure the candidate selected is, in fact, the candidate for whom you wish to cast your vote.

·  If you find that one or more of your choices are displayed incorrectly on the summary page, hit the 'PREV' button and choose the candidate for whom you wish to cast your vote.

·  If any issues persist, ask for assistance from a poll worker at your polling location, and the pollworker will ensure that the machine is working properly and advise you on the proper steps to take to cast a ballot with only the candidates of your choosing.