Ain’t life wonderful! Ronnie Witcher

Last Week Was …

Nice weather finally came, and we enjoyed that.

Record voting at the Elections Office, 3, 536 Early Votes have already been cast and with 5 days to go, the Early Vote total will likely be a long standing record.                                      We feel good about that.

The Badgers had a huge victory over Taylor, 42-20 Luvit! That puts Lampasas and Canyon Lake tied in district for the number 2 position with records of 2-1.  We loved it!  Kudos to so many Badgers in that game. Offense – Defense, Ace just keeps on goin’. Talk about heavy lifting, Jack Jerome keeps pushing through, 15 times for 81 yards and a TD pass too, and Cameron Everts and thriller Michael Murray on that 4th quarter TD reception. They were all great.   Go Blue!

Squared Silly was huge on Courtyard Square Saturday evening; we loved the big crowd and wonderful costumes.

On the other hand…the Horns lost to OSU by 3 lousy points. I’ve been expecting, and dreading, a call from my Okie brother-in-law @#$%^&* who will inevitably have to blow off about it. “Yeh,” I’ll say, “but they cheated and the refs need glasses because they missed it all.”  “C’mon,” he’ll say, “You’re a sore loser.” And I’ll have to admit… “You’re right, but wait’ll next year, we’ll be ready for all that trickery.”    

By the way, y’know what they call pallbearers in Oklahoma? Carry-Oakies. Yeh, its an old joke but it’s still funny. Hope you have a good week and enjoy the sunshine when we’ve got it. Remember, we’re rootin’ for ya!                rw