The Weather

The High yesterday 68°          The Low this morning 54°   No rain on Tuesday but .08 in. as of 8am this morning.

Today: A 100% chance of rain with a very light NE wind about 5 mph. The high should reach about 56° this afternoon. As much as ¾ to an inch of rain is expected today.

Tonight: Showers are likely before midnight – about 60% chance. The low overnight should be around 51º with a light north wind.

Thursday: Possibe patchy drizzle early, then just clouds for the afternoon. The high should be up to 64° with N-NW wind 5-10.

Overnight, some patchy fog, then partly cloudy and down to 51 by morning.


The rest of the week: On Friday it should be mostly sunny and up to 76°. Saturday should be a beautiful day and all the way up to a warm 81° in the afternoon. The evening will get cool though, down to 55° overnight. Sunday should be nice with a temperature of 78° and the day will only be marred by a lot of wind coming out of the W-SW first, then out of the north late in the afternoon as a cold front arrives. Monday morning will start out about 49°