Ain’t Life Wonderful by Ronnie Witcher

Changes, and plenty of ‘em.

Remember when Scott & White was the old railroad hospital in the reddish two story building in Temple…well prob’ly not. But that’s where it started, and we were all proud of Scott & White for the difficult medical stuff. The vast majority of our health care was taken of right here in town at Rollins Brook. But then, the changes came. The for-profit insurance companies showed up in the health care scene, and we all signed up for them.

Anyway, Scott & White got bigger and became its own insurance company.  Financing of health care systems became much more complicated and difficult and Scott & White expanded, and merged with just about everybody. Rollins Brook had become a Metroplex Adventist hospital and then it merged with Scott & White, and Scott & White had merged with Baylor, of Dallas, to make it Baylor Scott & White. Meanwhile, down in Houston, the Hermann Hospital had merged with Memorial Healthcare to make their 19 hospitals Memorial Hermann.

On Monday, we learned that Baylor Scott & White Health and Memorial Hermann Health System announced a letter of intent to merge. They will now have 68 hospitals and their insurance system, spanning from the Gulf of Mexico to the Oklahoma border.

That’s all good we guess. They say the current uncertain environment for health care in America makes it important for them to consolidate. All we wanna know is, what are they gonna call it now? It doesn’t seem like the Scott & White building is gonna be big enough for a sign that will hold all this. “Memorial Hermann Baylor Scott & White?” Here in Lampasas we’d have to have a sign that said “Rollins Brook AdventHealth – Partner of Memorial Hermann Baylor Scott & White.”

Oh well, whatever they tag ‘em as, we just hope the cost of health insurance doesn’t get any higher and hospital names don’t get much longer. See you at National Night Out – free hot dogs an’ all. Be there. We’re rootin’ for ya.           rw