It’s Friday ...Football Tonight

The Badgers (1-0/3-3) will be under the Friday Night Lights – on turf tonight as they play the heavily favored Liberty Hill Panthers in the Panther’s own lair tonight.

8-3-18  5.png

Having that turf to play on is lucky in this week with so many muddy fields around the area. The Panthers demolished Fredericksburg last week 69-7, and are capable of doing that to most district teams, though Lampasas could be the team with the kind of offense that is hard to refuse.

Lampasas’ Coach, Troy Rogers, says their Slot T offense that depends on their excellent deception skills can be explosive. They are fast, run well, pass well and don’t make many mistakes. He says they will have the best defense the Badgers have faced.

What do the Badgers have to do?  Do everything right. Be very disciplined on defense and be the great offense that the Badgers can be – with no mistakes.

Kickoff is at 7:30pm, and unless lightning or some very heavy rain shows up on the scene, the game will go on as planned.

If you can’t make it to the game, remember the Lampasas Radio broadcasters Darrel Brooks and Kenny Murray will be at 1450AM and on the web at,  sports 1, to bring you all the action down on the field.