Early Voting Begins on Monday(The Below is Editorial Opinion)

We hope that you, dear reader, find yourself as one of those lucky people that is now a registered voter. If not, you are not invited to speak out with your vote in this Nov. 6th Election.

You are not one of the lucky that can easily and conveniently show up at the local Election Office beginning on Monday, Oct. 22nd and show your ID and Voter Registration Card, then proudly walk over to that computer and turn the wheel to make your selection and speak your piece.

If you are one of the lucky ones, we above all hope that you take advantage of this opportunity. We hope you treat this series of opportunity days, Oct. 22nd  thru Oct. 26th and Oct. 29th thru Friday Nov. 2nd for Early Voting, or Election Day Tuesday Nov. 6th as a day as important as anything on your calendar.

The above is especially true if you are a first time voter. If you have been sitting on the sidelines, or you’ve been too young to vote in the past. This is your opportunity. Now, you can speak out. 

If you’re a young person, or a person who has just “never got involved in that stuff” but you’re sick of the deviciveness you hear and see, the crudeness and rudeness in social media, the droughts and hurricanes caused by climate change – yet nobody is doing anything about it, school shootings by individuals who should not have had the opportunity to lay their hands on the guns, the silencing of news reporters and protesters who speak out - murdered by authoritarian rulers, and worst of all, the acceptance of those authoritarian rulers by the very people who suffer most at their hands. If you’re sick of hearing politicians argue about healthcare, immigration and the people’s welfare, while never doing anything to make it better.

If you are a registered first time voter, this is your opportunity to look at the mess we’ve made of the world that you live in, and do something about it. Speak your piece - Vote.   

Ronnie Witcher