The Weather

The High yesterday 52°            The Low this morning 47°   Rainfall on Wednesday at Lampasas Airport was .23in.               This morning’s rainfall was .23in., up to about 9:30am

Today: A 70% chance of rain today, along with NE wind about 10 mph and a high temperature of around 56°.

Tonight: An 80% chance of rain and NE wind down to 5 mph with an overnight low about 54°.

Friday: A 90% chance of rain now predicted for Friday with north wind 5 mph and a high of about 56°.

Overnight, a 70% chance of rain and a low of 56° with light north wind about 5 mph..

The rest of the week: Rain chances drop to 40% on Saturday morning, then go away for the entire weekend. Saturday should get up to 64°, Sunday to 63°. The wind will be light, out of the NE most of the weekend.

Unfortunately, it’s coming back!

Monday could bring the rain chances back. As of now a 20% chance is in the forecast for Monday, going up to 50% on Tuesday and 70% on Wednesday. With our already very rain-soaked ground, the chances for flooding of low areas is very high.