The Weather

The High yesterday 49°              The Low this morning 42°  Rainfall on Monday at the airport – 4.49in                            Rainfall at the airport today as of 8am – 2.24in                          The north wind yesterday, and again this morning, continues at 5-15 mph and gusting to 25 mph.

Today: A 90% chance of rain with north wind 10-15 mph and gusting to 20. The high temperature should be around 45° this afternoon. The rain seemed to have let up mid-morning but it is expected that it will be back with another round this afternoon.

Tonight: A 60% chance of rain and a low of 44° but the north wind should let up to around 10 mph.

Wednesday: Showers are still likely with a 60% chance, along with a continuing north wind at 10 mph. The high should reach about 48° mid-morning and stay there.

Overnight, the temperature should stay around 48° with a lesser (30%) chance of rain.

The rest of the week: On Thursday we see another round of rain coming with a 70% chance. The high could get up to 55° but only clouds overhead and a NE wind around 10 mph.

On Friday, rain chances are still 70% but it could warm up to 58.

The Saturday forecast is for a 50/50 chance of rain but it could warm to 65° as the cold front finally finishes with us over the weekend. A 20% chance of rain on Sunday and mid 60s and there is no rain chance in our Monday forecast – at last, we hope.