Enough Already!

The rain continued all over Central Texas yesterday and was still going this morning. Some 7 inches of rain fell in and around Lampasas since Monday morning.

Low water crossings were seriously coming out of their banks in Lampasas County this morning. CR 4390, 4330 and CR 3010 were reported as impassable. Inside the city limits all low water crossings were closed, to include Hackberry and Willis Streets and the Naruna Road crossing by the golf course. (below)


Sulphur Creek was up with water raging at Brook Park (above).

Authorities, and Kempner area residents have a watchful eye on the Lampasas River Bridge on Hwy 190E at Kempner. Flood stage there is 18ft and NWS reports had it at about 15ft earlier this morning. Additional rainfall, or more swollen water coming down will bring the levels up. NWS says they believe it will crest at 22ft this afternoon before it starts down. That could cause the highway to be closed until the water recedes.

West of here, in the Junction area, there was heavy rain again with severe flooding on the Llano River. That water came down the Llano and was just a few feet below the bridge at Llano (28 ft above flood stage), then heading on into the Kingsland area. A large bridge over CR 2900 completely broke apart and washed away and the floodwaters headed into Lake Marble Falls where Starkey Dam was being massively overflowed with all flood gates open. Scores of boats and boat docks were seen floating down the lake and going right over the top of Starkey Dam and into Lake Travis.

Meanwhile, on the Colorado River in this area the heavy rains at San Saba and in the Bend area put huge amounts of water into that river. The river gauges at Bend as of this morning showed 8 inches of rainfall since Monday morning and the big story was in the river itself. The depth of the river at Bend’s bridge multiplied several times overnight, from 7 ft to 22 ft and the flow at that point went from some 484cfs to 35,500cfs at 9:40am and it had not crested at that time.