The Weather

Yesterday’s high was 88°             This morning’s low 44°  How’s that for an 11 hour temperature change, from 5:15pm Sunday to 4:15am this morning.  And, the weather equipment at the airport said there was snow falling early this morning.

Today: A 100% chance of rain, a high of around 44° all day with off and on rainfall and stiff north wind about 20 mph with gusts to 25. Not a nice day.

Tonight:  A 100% chance of rain again overnight, some of it could be heavy, with a low around 41° and north wind 15-20 mph and gusting to 25. Not a pleasant evening.

Tuesday:  A 90% chance of rain, a high of 45° and more strong north wind as this severe cold front does its thing. The wind will be 10-15 mph with gusts to 20.

Overnight Tuesday the rain chances drop to 60% with a low around 43° and the north wind drops to about 10 mph.

The rest of the week: The rain chances Wednesday are down to 40% with a high of about 52° and the north wind continues at about 10 mph. The Thursday forecast has the rain chances back up to 60% again with a high around 57° and NE wind. That holds for Friday, and Saturday still has a 50% chance of rain.    ☺ Yes, there is an end to it. Sunday seems to have no rain chance in its forecast and a predicted high of about 67°.