It Was Tough – But Fun

The weather wasn’t a particularly good friend to Lampasas fall festivals on Saturday, but many persevered and it turned into pretty nice events anyway.

Rain wasn’t a problem, as we had feared it would be, but wind turned out to be the villain. Many of the vendors either canceled out, or just didn’t show up for Lampasas’ Fall Fest on Courtyard Square and the Artober Fest in the Campbell Park. For those that did show up, business was pretty fair for many and for those with something more substantial than the typical tents, it wasn’t a bad day. But for those simple 10 X 10 tent vendors, it wasn’t much fun as the south, then west, wind gusted as much as 26-28 mph. When tents went down, displays scattered, and many of the vendors packed it in early.

But, it was warm, and rain free, and many of the food and drink vendors did pretty well. The costumed dog contest went over well at the Artober Fest, and the favorite on-stage event was the multiple performance of the Shakespearean group that did comical short adaptations from Hamlet.

So-o-o, considering the situations, it was a pretty good day after all.