The Cattle Market Report

Lampasas Cattle Auction’s weekly sale took place here yesterday, with muddy pastures still a problem and numbers were way down from last week. There were 302 head on hand, down from 630 at the last sale and 752 a year ago at this time.

cow 8-1-18.png

Feeder steers and heifers were $2-$3 higher per hundredweight, and slaughter cows were steady - no test on slaughter bulls.

Feeder Steers                             Feeder Heifers

200-300lbs $2.07-$2.20/lb          200-300lbs N/T

300-400lbs $1.87-$2.05/lb          300-400lbs $1.49-$1.68/lb

400-500lbs $1.59-$1.81/lb          400-500lbs $1.41-$1.54/lb

500-600lbs $1.48-$1.75/lb          500-600lbs $1.32-$1.47/lb

600-700lbs $1.23-$1.58/lb          600-700lbs $1.24-$1.37/lb

700-800lbs $1.03-$1.37/lb          700-800lbs N/T

Slaughter Cows                         Slaughter Bulls

Under 800lbs .25-.35/lb              1000-1300lbs:  NO TEST

800-1100lbs .  36-.47/lb              1300-2100lbs: . NO TEST

1100-1300lbs .48-.67/lb              Replacements:  NO TEST

Bred Replacement Cows

Baby Tooth & Solid Mouth Cows: N/T

Cow/Calf Pairs

Young to Middle Age w/ Baby – 300 lb. Calf: N/T

Aged cows w/Baby – 300  lb. Calf: N/T