The Abduction

Police finally release details on the abduction that took place on Tuesday. We had earlier released arrest details on two men, but not the full story. This was received late Wednesday:

“On Tuesday, 10/09/18, at 4:52pm, the Lampasas Police Department received the first of two 911 calls.  Witnesses reported a large black dually pickup with lots of chrome and a bike in the bed was driving in the 900 block of South Broad.  A white female, with blond shoulder length hair, wearing black leggings, appearing about thirteen to fourteen years old, exited the driver’s door, as the pickup was moving.  A male exited the pickup’s passenger side, chased, then grabbed the girl and forced her back into the pickup.  Witnesses last saw the pickup west bound on 6th Street. 

 About 30 minutes later, officers located a vehicle matching the suspect vehicle description at McDonald’s, about two blocks from the initial incident.  Both occupants denied involvement.  Potential methamphetamine was located in the vehicle and on one man.  Jesse Joe Garcia, age twenty-eight, and Israel Alvarez, thirty-one, both local men, were arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1, Greater Than or Equal to 1 Gram but Less Than 4 Grams, and Alvarez was additionally charged with Tampering with Evidence for allegedly trying to swallow methamphetamine.  All charges are third degree felonies.  Witnesses identified the pickup as the suspect vehicle.  Officers canvassed the area.  They located an additional witness who recognized the suspect vehicle and one of the arrested men. The witness also identified a potential victim reporting they had seen her with one of the arrested men earlier that afternoon.  At about 8:15pm, in the 600 block of South Spring Street, officers located the victim, an eighteen-year-old local female, at her apartment.  She was relatively unharmed and cooperative.  The victim indicated she had been with her boyfriend, with whom she shares the apartment, earlier that afternoon.  They had been in the suspect pickup with one of the arrested men.  She had exited the pickup but was forced back inside. The possible abduction is still under investigation, and police are conferring with the Lampasas County Attorney’s Office concerning possible additional charges.