Comptroller Releases Checks for Sales Tax to Cities

Nearly $475 million in checks went in the mail to Cities and Counties and other entities entitled to a part of the sales tax that was collected in their communities in August. Retailers had collected the tax in August, sent it to the state in September, and the state is now sending the entities their “cut.”

The City of Lampasas gets a check for $149,874, up 1.78% from the check sent out a year ago at this time.

Kempner’s check was for $7,512, down 13.73% from a year ago and Lometa’s check was also down, some 7.38%, at $5,852.

San Saba also saw a big drop. Their check for $34,189 was down almost 20% from last year.

Burnet, on the other hand, got a check for $181,829 which was up 5.3% from last year.

Copperas Cove’s $390,006 check was up 7.04% from last year.