County Commissioners Meet

The Lampasas County Commissioners Court met on Tuesday morning for a brief but busy session.  There were a couple of items on the agenda that took most of the Court’s attention.


The first was a review of competitive lease options for radio and communications equipment for the new Law Enforcement Center. 

The Court already had a lease/purchase agreement with Motorola under consideration.  The total cost would be $501,410 and was to be partially offset by a grant from Homeland Security ($112,000) and a Justice Security Grant ($142,000).  A 5-year lease was to cost the County $56,000 annually. 

Sheriff Jesse Ramos explained that the County has not received the expected grant funds because of a lawsuit “somewhere in the United States” that is challenging the Homeland Security grant, and also the County is facing an FCC licensing deadline.  Faced with approving a lease agreement without the assurance of grant funds, the Court elected to take no action for now, and wait to see if and when the grant funds would become available.

The other funding item was for the Sheriff’s Department and the Volunteer Fire Department.  The Court approved a $125,000 3-year lease for police vehicles and a $70,000 3-year lease for a Fire Department truck.

Other considerations for the Court included:

● the approval of paid time for all County employees to participate in TAC training for Human Resources, insurance and benefits

● approval of the 2019 calendar for County holidays and for Commissioners Court dates

● approval of a resolution for the County’s participation in the Indigent Defense Grant Program

● a proclamation noting November 2018 as Home Care and Hospice Month.