Not a lot of sports news with school out, but we do have a few notes:

The Basketball Program has changed with the hire of new Head Basketball Coaches. The new Boys Head Coach, Aaron Nuckles, will speak at the upcoming Chamber of Commerce “News at
Noon” on June 15th.

The new Lady Badger basketball coach, Mark Myers, has announced that his upcoming youth camp will be free of charge, so anyone who has already registered and paid a $35 fee will get their money refunded on the first day of camp on June 12th. A Facebook post says he “wants to meet as many youngsters as possible.” They do ask that everyone fill out a registration form and sign a waiver.

Coach Aaron Nuckles & Staff will be holding their Badger Basketball Camp June 26-28 for 2nd through 9th graders. The $40 fee pays for the t-shirt, individual instruction, team play and fun. Registration information can come from 512-556-7548.