The Today Report

Overnight rainstorms hit Lampasas hard. Though there was just over 2 inches at the airport, many residential gauges reported 2.5 to 3.5 inches and plenty of storm damage. A tree went down in the 500 block of W. 4th The low water crossings were closed down due to high water.
Those are on the Naruna Road, Willis St. and Hackberry St. Along with high water there are electric utility problems that called out local crews about 2am this morning. As of this writing
they were still working on a line that affected homes in the Ridge and Park Street areas between 5th and 6th Streets.

Of course the sleepover camping event was going on at Brook Park. Many of the events last night came off as expected but when the rains came late last night the campers beganto clear out and only a few hardened and determined campers decided to tough it out. Many of the fishermen were back on the banks of the creek this morning though, even with Sulphur Creek
on a pretty good rise.

The Texas 4000 ATLAS Ride will be coming into town as planned today. Riders leaving from Cedar Park this morning will be showing up for the Lampasas stopover, also many riders
will be taking off from the Turner Field rally point on a 25 mile ride about 10am. Please be careful as you drive through town this morning…there may be bikes on the road.

Golfers in the High School Fund Raiser 3-person tournament were to tee off this afternoon at 1pm. That will not happen as the water flooded many parts of the course and they have had to close it down. It appears that the course may be closed until Monday, but word from the
pro shop is that hopeful Sunday golfers can call in or come by on Sunday to see if they decide to reopen. As to the tournament, once they get some idea on what is happening with the runoff at the course and whether it rains again tomorrow…they’ll reschedule.