Cattle Market

At Lampasas Cattle Auction’s weekly sale on Wednesday, June 28th, there were 379 head on hand, compared to 335 a week ago and 512 head a year ago at this time.

The feeders were well up, $7 to $10/cwt higher, while slaughter cows and bulls were steady.

           Feeder Steers                              Feeder Heifers

200-300lbs   $1.53-$1.82/lb    200-300lbs   $1.51-$1.85/lb

300-400lbs   $1.32-$1.84/lb    300-400lbs   $1.28-$1.60/lb

400-500lbs   $1.43-$1.62/lb    400-500lbs   $1.34-$1.61/lb

500-600lbs   $1.37-$1.49/lb    500-600lbs   $1.25-$1.52/lb

600-700lbs   $1.30-$1.54/lb    600-700lbs   $1.28-$1.78/lb

700-800lbs   $1.22-$1.38/lb    700-800lbs   $1.19-$1.31/lb

           Slaughter Cows                         Slaughter Bulls

Under 800lbs.38-.53 /lb            1000-1300lbs.72-.85/lb

 800-1100lbs   .54-.65 /lb            1300-2100lbs  .75-.91/lb

1100-1300lbs .66-.72/lb

Bred Replacement CowsNo Test

Cow/Calf Pairs        No Test

There will be no sale on July 5th !