Lane/Speed Limit Change Coming to Hwy 281S ?

It’s still in the planning stage, but according to TXDOT District Engineer Elias Rmeili, a plan is in the works to re-stripe Hwy 281S from its intersection with Ohnmeiss Dr. (Hwy190) to just
beyond the new Putters & Gutters Fun Center. The change is to remove one of the northbound traffic lanes along that stretch of highway, changing it into a turn lane. The plan could be carried out simply by re-striping, since the highway space is already there.

The southbound lanes would not change, remaining two lanes for southbound traffic. The speed limit, he believes, should also be lowered so that it is 45mph for that complete distance. The changes are being brought about by the high number of accidents that had already taken place along that stretch of highway, and now the addition of the Putters & Gutters Fun Center. Having traffic coming in at normal 4-lane highway speeds into a business district with so many drives, businesses and distractions seems to create a dangerous situation.