Lampasas City Council

Lampasas City Council got a pleasant surprise when Jason Jones of Jones-Heroy, a Lampasas engineering firm, gave a brief but very understandable explanation of the water problems on the far west side of town.

The basic picture, detailed by his water maps, is that water pressure in the far west part of town and some to the north part is too low because of their elevation above our storage tanks,
and conversely, a few low parts of town would have too much water pressure were it not for pressure reducers. It’s a problem of geography, since the old town of Lampasas is in a valley,
surrounded by plateaus.

Now, Lampasas is beginning to grow out of the valley and onto the plateaus. Lampasas, under the advice of an engineering firm, HDR, was considering building a new water storage tank on a west plateau along FM 580W. That, along with several other modifications to the system that would bring higher water pressure to areas north and west, was said to be necessary.

Jason Jones, after explaining the problems, indicated to the Council that he wasn’t so sure of the idea of the new storage tank. It would, he seemed to say, bring some solution and bring
some more problems. He is still working on it, but appears to believe there are better, less expensive solutions to our water problems. After hearing the report the Mayor, on the part of the Council as a whole, thanked Jones for his sincerity and dedication and urged him on with his work.