City Council Honors Everybody’s “Nice Guy”

When Mayor Misti Talbert took her office recently, one of the things she wanted the Council to do was begin a practice of recognizing “Community Champions” - those people who contributed most to make our community great.

Their first choice for recognition really hit the spot. Lee Smith, the service manager at Hoffpauir Chevrolet in Lampasas, was that guy. If you have ever had to take your car or truck in to Hoffpauir’s, you were probably met by Lee, and you were probably impressed with the feeling that he was a really nice guy. If you’ve ever been in an accident and had the crash hauled off, he may have been the one there with the wrecker-perhaps in the middle of the night. Or’ if you ran off the road in the bitterest of weather and yuck-no matter the hour or condition…he may have been there to rescue you.

If you were the one with the key locked in the car, he may have been there and… when you tried to pay him for one of his many favors, he may well have said, “No, never mind that.” There are lots of Lee Smith stories, lots of favors done, lots of help given. Who would disagree, Lee Smith is indeed, a Community Champion.