What’s Going On…

The rains came this morning but the pools are open at both Hancock and Hanna Springs parks,
expecting a good afternoon. Very heavy rains came this morning early to some areas west and
north of Lampasas. At Bend, west of Lampasas, there was 3.2 inches of rain and at Lometa the LCRA gauge registered 2.5.

Oddly enough, Lampasas only received a few hundredths in the same period of time. Some spots around San Saba only received tenths during the same morning rains. Power was off on a good part of the Hamilton Electric system this morning for an hour or so. That included electric service generally west and north of Lampasas.

On Sunday the Carter Blood Care bus will be at the HEB store on Key Avenue from noon until 4pm. Able-bodied and healthy citizens are asked to roll up their sleeves and donate blood.