The Rest Of The Week

On Tuesday, Vintage Royalty has a ribbon cutting at noon at their new location on Courtyard Square at 508 E. 4th.

Wednesday will bring the Parking Lot Party WNL to the shaded parking lot behind Lampasas Radio’s Witcher Building at 505 N. Key. Bring your lawn chairs and coolers, don’t worry about dressing up. Wear shorts and flip-flops if you like. Bring your pickup trucks and sit on the tailgate if you wanna’. Just come. It’s free and very casual.

The show features country music by Natalie Rose (above) who has a beautiful country voice and does great covers of real classic country tunes. And, there’s Darrin Morris, right, who does not only some tradition country covers, but is also one of the hot modern pop country singers.

There’s also Evelyn Billington, who’s always fun! She has an old cowboy country trademark, yodels, etc., but has recently added some new material to her act. And, there could be others that we haven’t confirmed just yet. Please come and hang out with us for a fun show and a little home town country fellowship. Friday brings an Extension Service weed/brush control workshop for small landowners to the County Annex conference room. The event will kick off at 2pm and last ‘til 4pm. If you want to attend call the Extension Office at 512-556-8271 to sign up. It costs $10 per person and includes two CEUs for those with Private Applicator Licenses.