“Doc” Forsythe Honored

A grateful community rose in sincere applause last night to honor and thank Doctor Steve Forsythe for his years of service to Lampasas and its youth. The occasion was the annual FFA Banquet, held at the High School Cafetorium. Its purpose was the annual awards, the scholarship presentations, honors to community members and installation of officers. It’s highlight though, was the knowing that Steve Forsythe, the driving factor behind the success of the Ag and FFA program in this community, was retiring.

Doc’s constant promotion of the program and its students, his push to continue to develop the program and facilities and the community’s involvement, his constant reminders of the program to anyone who would listen…make no mistake, they are the huge factor in the success of Lampasas High’s Ag-Science program. Last night he felt the love as he and wife Cindy were presented with a card that contained $4,300 – money that was to help send them on that Alaska Cruise they plan as a first in their retirement. There were gifts and cards and thank you’s from students and exstudents and parents and, perhaps one of the best honors was when four former Ag students came on stage and announced the establishment of two scholarships in Doc’s honor.

They were awarded while the party’s were on stage. Needless to say, among all the
things taking place on stage, there were plenty of tears – many of them were from the
bearded 6 foot-plus Doc Forsythe. We agree wholeheartedly with everyone who said, “We’ll miss you Doc!”