Market Reports

Wednesday’s Cattle Sale

At Wednesday’s sale at Lampasas Cattle Auction, there were 558 head through the ring, up from the 510 of last week and the 317 head last year. Feeder steers and heifers were steady to $5 lower than last week and Slaughter cows were $2 to $3 higher. Slaughter bulls were $2
to $3 higher.

Feeder Steers                                                Feeder Heifers
200-300lbs 1.94-$2.16/lb                              200-300lb No Test
300-400lbs $1.47-$1.96/lb                            300-400lbs $1.32-$1.55/lb
400-500lbs $1.50-$1.65/lb                           400-500lbs $1.37-$1.54/lb
500-600lbs $1.40-$1.57/lb                            500-600lbs $1.32 $1.49/lb
600-700lbs $1.38-$1.57/lb                            600-700lbs $1.21-$1.35/lb

700-800lbs $1.33-$1.44/lb                            700-800lbs $ 1.12-$1.25/lb

Slaughter Cows                                              Slaughter Bulls
Under 800lbs .30-.55 /lb                               1000-1300lbs .69-.80/lb
800-1100lbs .56-.66 /lb                                  1300-2100lbs .82-0.94/lb
1100-1300lbs .67-.75/lb

Bred Replacement Cows– No Test
Cow Calf Pairs-young w/up to 300lb calf - $1,360- $2,475/ pr
Aged w/up to 300lb calf - $950-$1240/pr