The Weekend

The Hillacious Bike Tour kicks off at the Middle School at 8:30am Saturday. There are different rides with one of them taking riders along 6th St, Howe and North, then down Ave. E to
Ridge that is also called Old Lometa Rd or CR 1045. It will go down that county road to Hwy 190/183, then turn around and go back on the same path to the Middle School. Please watch for the riders along these city streets.

Another, longer ride, will take the bicyclers along the same path as above but when they get to Hwy 190/183, they’ll cross over the highway and continue to CR 2080, then 2200 and to Hwy 281 back toward Lampasas. At the 281/190 intersection they’ll head back NW again along 190/183 back to the CR 1045 and the same path they had left on. There is a longer 47 mi. ride that will take the riders along the CR 1045 route all the way to the Lometa High School, then on to the FM 581 intersection and go down it to CR 2200 that will take them to Hwy 281 and then back to the Hwy 183/190 intersection and home, etc. as in the ride above.

A 69 mile ride will travel many of the same paths as above but will include a few extra turns and get more miles in. One can see from all of the above that the bicycles will be traveling along Hwy 183/190 and Hwy 281, CR 1045/Old Lometa Road/Ridge St., Ave. E, Porter St, Howe St., North Ave. and 6th St. The riders will be coming along at different times throughout the day, so please be careful.