Oldest Vet is Texan

Richard A. Overton, at 110, is the oldest known Veteran in the United States. He’ll be honored Friday at a celebration to name the healing garden in the front of the Austin VA Outpatient
Clinic in his honor. He plans on a birthday soon too, as he’ll turn 111 on May 11th, so this celebration is just one of many planned to help celebrate his upcoming birthday.

Richard Overton was born in 1906, in St. Mary’s Colony in the western part Bastrop County,
Texas. He served in the U.S. Army from 1942 to 1945 during World War II in the Pacific
Theater. He achieved the rank of Corporal in the 1887th Engineer Aviation Battalion.
Some of his loves include going to church, smoking cigars and drinking whiskeystiffened

He’s met former President Barack Obama and then VP Joe Biden, former Texas Governor Rick Perry, professional gofer Ben Crenshaw, comedian and host Steve Harvey. Several
days ago he made another trip to Washington, D.C., and again visited the White House.