Ain’t Life Wonderful ?

by: Ronnie Witcher

We try to keep our mouth shut about politics these days. It’s the political climate in our world. We don’t seem to be able to have calm, searching conversations about what works and what’s
best any more. When we do get into a conversation we find that it quickly be-comes a debate that’s filled with baseless claims. We move from the search for what is best to taking a stand for “our side.” The other day somebody asked me what I thought about something and I mistakenly spit out one or two sentences about it that I thought was good conversation
starter. The other party said, “Oh so you’re one of those.” I knew then that I’d opened my mouth one too many times.

The conversation had already gone to a “taken sides” deal and the rest of it was a lot of detail stuff that neither of us really had any factual information on. We just acted like we did, and then the sensationalism and suspicion…and it goes on. And hey, we’re not alone in this misinformation business! There’s a lot of baloney out there! Yesterday I read a release from Texas Senator Charles Perry’s office about the Texas House passing his Senate Bill 4. The Bill is to enforce penalties, from financial sanctions to criminal charges, on law enforcement
or cities or counties that fail to co-operate fully with immigration authorities or fail to check immigration status on people, etc. Some cities in Texas are labeled “sanctuary cities” because of their policies on this kind of thing. They appear to have different opinions.

Anyway, in Senator Perry’s statement he said, "It is a bad day for Texas when officials sworn to enforce the law, help people who commit manslaughter and sexual assault evade federal immigration detainers." The statement, to me, seemed to get way out there. And, it goes a
long way in polarizing the rest of us. Ah, I don’t even want to think about it any more. I think I’ll take a walk and set down on a rocky hillside at the El Rancho Notso Grande. I read a book a long time ago that said, “I’m OK, you’re OK.” I still believe that, and want to think it. Everything’s OK on the El Rancho Notso…except possums. My wife’s sure down on possums that get into her chickens and guineas. But I kinda’ think possums are OK too…as long as we remember to shut the chickens up at night.

Here’s hopin’ you remember to vote your best genuine opinions in the May 6th elections…in secret. And don’t get all worked up about things or take too many sides, and above all, shut your chickens up at night. We’re rootin’ for ya. RW