Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush Pushes For Different Texas Barrier

These days when we think of building barriers, we think of the wall that President Trump and
many Texas officials want to build between Texas and Mexico. Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush has sent a letter to Trump that asks for $15 Billion to build a barrier off the coast of Texas in the Houston/Galveston bay area.

This barrier wouldn’t keep out Mexicans, but it would, he says, save the coastal port area from 87% of the damage caused by potential hurricanes. He points to the near $30 billion in damage
and 74 lost lives that Hurricane Ike caused when it glanced off the coast, and the estimated $100 billion that would have been caused if it had been a direct hit.

Bush says the barrier would be built to a 100-year event standard, would cost about $15 billion in federal funds, and would prevent 87% of potential future storm surge damage. His request is co-signed by over other Texas leaders.