How’s Business?

Radiogram closely watches the monthly sales tax rebates coming from the state comptroller’s office back to our cities. Each return is a measure of the sales tax collected in retail outlets and sent to the state. Checks being received in April are based on retail store sales in February
that were turned over to the state in March.

Lampasas’ check this time was for $128,451 – down 5.49% from last April’s check. Kempner’s check, on the other hand, was way up. They got $12,900 - up some 23.27% this time. Lometa’s check was $5,531 – up 2%. Copperas Cove received their big check for $329,400 - which was
actually down a slight .08%. Evant’s Check was $2,009 – up a big 18.31%. Hamilton’s $35,448 check was 18.9% down this time. Over in Burnet County the City of Burnet got a check for
$158,200, up 6.59% from last year. Marble Falls got $654,804, up 15.14% San Saba saw one of the best months, with a check for $1,803 – up 14.56% from last year.

Looking it all over, the results are mixed and instances may have been affected by special circumstances, but generally, the sales tax around the state indicates an increase of some 2-3%